Odontologia Estética

Left quotationIt is easy for me to write a testimonial about the dental treatment I did with Dr. Markarian over a period of two years. What seemed impossible at first became reality, day by day, in the competent hands of Dr. Markarian.
More than two years ago, when I first arrived at the clinic for a follow up visit, I presented a case of periodontal disease that had already compromised a number of my teeth, both in the upper and lower arches. After the consultation, Dr. Markarian informed me that although my case was difficult it was not impossible to treat and suggested implants on both upper and lower arches. In a very clear manner, he explained the treatment step by step, emphasizing that one of the key elements of each stage would be patience. And that is exactly what was needed during the entire process of surgeries and exams. But my calm confidence would not have been possible without Dr. Markarian’s knowledgeable and thoughtful manner, which was crucial in leading me through this journey, with the calm certainty that in the end I would reach my picture perfect smile. Right quotation

- Cida Santos, São Paulo - SP


Left quotationI was recently in Sao Paulo on a business trip when I suddenly needed emergency dental treatment and ended up meeting Dr. Markarian who quickly took care of my problem. My stay in the city, which was of only one week, was sufficient for him to complete the entire treatment. I was very satisfied with the quick response time and with quality of the treatment. I recommend!Right quotation

- Albert Cardoso, Fortaleza - CE


Left quotationAs I have known Dr. Markarian for some time now I was able to give him advance notice of my trip to Sao Paulo, where I come from time to time to visit family. Dr. Markarian requested that I send the exams in advance, which I was able to do via e-mail. I was impressed with how technology can be useful even for a dental treatment. I prefer to be treated in Brazil because dentists here in London are very aloof and costs way higher.Right quotation

- Regina Abreu, Londres - Inglaterra