Odontologia Clínica


Laser now occupies an important place in Odontology, with a broad range of applications:

  • Dental bleaching: used in the process of bleaching to accelerate the whitening action of the product.
  • Facial pain: acts efficiently to reduce acute pain in the face or mandible (jaw) joint..
  • Sensitive teeth: used in some cases of teeth that constantly react with pain to ice water, sweets, acidic foods, etc.
  • Mouth sores: therapeutic laser can be used to reduce pain and accelerate a lesion’s healing time.
  • Herpes: when caught at onset, it can considerably reduce the duration of the lesion and in many cases prevent the formation of blisters.

There are other types of Laser that can be used in situations such as the removal of cavities instead of the feared drill, or in surgeries. It is however a prohibitively expensive piece of equipment, not viable for clinical Odontology, remaining still the domain of scientific research labs.