Odontologia Clínica


The mandible is the only bone that is held to the skull by means of an articulated joint, which is known as temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ). Tooth problems may lead to a malfunctioning TMJ, causing symptoms such as frequent headaches, earaches, clicks or facial pain. These alterations are known as temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Since most people do not know they have TMD, we often see patients who have been through many medical professionals, neurologists and ear nose and throat specialists without diagnosis or treatment. To make matters worse, many develop the unconscious habit of tooth clenching, gnashing or grinding, day or night, with serious consequences such as the excessive wearing of the teeth, known as bruxing.


Treatment for TMDs varies from case to case. It may involve medication or orthodontic treatment, but in most cases a splint is used (a muscle-relaxing mouth-guard), which quickly reduces the pain. Are you experiencing one or more of the above symptoms? Schedule an evaluation appointment now to check the health of your mandible joint.