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Single Crowns

Crowns (Caps) are units which are cemented onto natural teeth that have been more severely compromised, completely restoring a tooth to its original shape and color. They protect and strengthen extensively damaged teeth or teeth that have undergone root canal treatment and cannot be restored with composite resin or amalgam. One of their functions is to strengthen the tooth to recover its chewing function.

Crowns can be made of metal (gold or alloys), composite resin (plastic), metal and porcelain (porcelain fused to metal) or just porcelain (cosmetic).


Example of crowns made of metal or just porcelain
Each of these materials presents properties that limit their application. Metals provide high resistance but low aesthetics, composite resins medium aesthetics and low resistance, porcelain high aesthetics. The combination of metal and porcelain offers the strength of metal and the cosmetic quality of porcelain and are most often used. However, we know that with time the gum may recede and expose the metal rim, compromising the cosmetic value of the restoration.

Crowns are very strong and durable but they may need to be replaced after some years. This will be evaluated by the dentist during your routine check-ups.

Instalando uma nova coroa

Installation of a POST INSIDE THE ROOT

Depending on how far the natural tooth crown was destroyed and whether there was a root canal treatment, it may be necessary to install a post inside the root. This painless installation is intended to strengthen the root and reconstitute the tooth’s structure so that it can support a new crown.

Coroa Unitária