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Complete and Partial Prostheses

Prostheses are custom-made units that replace missing teeth and which can improve the appearance of your smile. There are two types of Prostheses, Complete and Partial.

Partial Prostheses replace one or more teeth. They are well accepted by some patients but are usually uncomfortable. Because they move within the mouth, they cannot compare with fixed prostheses when it comes to chewing ability. These prostheses are made of plastic combined with a metal clasp, which affects their appearance. It is possible to make a temporary removable prosthesis without the metal clasp, but it is less resistant and durable.

Complete Prostheses (dentures) replace all the teeth at once. They comprise artificial teeth made of composite resin over a pink colored structure made of very strong plastic and which resembles the gums. The mobility of these prostheses in the mouth can cause sores which make their use uncomfortable. The upper denture requires complete coverage of the palate. The use of removable prostheses does not prevent bone loss, as is the case only with implants. Very advanced bone loss may make the prosthesis loose over time and it may also make it impossible to install implants at that point.

The best alternative for these prostheses are implants. Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth and resolve chewing problems. They are artificial roots installed in the jawbone in a very straightforward, painless and fast manner. A tooth is affixed later, achieving a natural appearance.Instalando uma nova coroa

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