Multiple Implants

When multiple teeth are missing chewing ability and the aesthetics of your smile can be seriously compromised. In this case, the best option is to use multiple dental implants. The installation of implants should be done as soon as possible to avoid the onset of bone atrophy in the toothless areas.
Implants offer many advantages as compared to alternative treatment options, such as:

  • Adjacent teeth remain intact
  • The prosthesis is anchored on implants, promoting excellent aesthetic and chewing results
  • Ease and speed of treatment since the units are manufactured in advance (6 sessions)
  • Not subject to illnesses such as dental caries (cavities) and infiltration

Treatment sequence for a fixed prosthesis ANCHORED on an implant

Tpos de próteses

A patient has teeth missing in the back of the lower right jaw. The best alternative is a fixed prosthesis anchored on implants. The implants are installed during a single session with a fast and straightforward procedure.  Three to six months later, once healing is completed, the prosthesis is installed. The new prosthesis can bear the same chewing force as natural teeth. You will have a stable and secure solution that will allow you to eat anything you like.

Photos of before and after cosmetic treatments were removed from the site for privacy reasons. We have at our clinic several examples which can be viewed by our clients.


Tpos de próteses

This alternative is usually uncomfortable and more complicated to use. Due to its mobility inside the mouth, its chewing capacity cannot be compared to fixed prostheses. This prosthesis is made of plastic with a metal clasp, which affects its appearance.

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