Implantes Dentários

  For more than 30 years dental implants and prostheses have proven to be an excellent solution to missing teeth and problems with chewing. Implants are artificial roots affixed onto the jawbone by means of a very straightforward, painless and quick surgical procedure that will allow the replacement of one or more lost teeth. A prosthesis of one or more teeth is installed later to regain the physical functionality of natural teeth and restore a natural appearance.

This is therefore a two stage process: first the surgical stage, in which implants that replace the teeth’s natural roots are installed, and a second stage, the prosthetic stage, in which the dental prostheses are installed, that is to say, the artificial teeth that will replace lost or compromised natural teeth.
Implante e Prótese

It usually takes from 3 to 6 months for the implant to heal before the permanent tooth is attached. The healing process is called osseointegration, during which the patient wears a temporary fixed or removable prosthesis. Once the implant is consolidated into the bone the integration can be considered practically permanent.
Implants can be used to anchor single porcelain crowns, partial or total fixed prostheses of one or all teeth and even dentures. With the growing popularity of implants, treatments that were once quite expensive have now become far more viable.
Prostheses are very durable but there may be a need to replace them after a number of years. This evaluation will be done by your dentist during your routine check-ups.
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