Odontologia Estética

Cosmetic packages

A cosmetic package comprises a set of cosmetic procedures offered together in order to achieve a great improvement of your smile in a fast and efficient way.

It is especially indicated for models or people who are greatly concerned with the appearance of their smile.

The smile of each patient is studied using photographs, impressions and measurements that permit a detailed computerized visualization to determine the specific aesthetic needs of each patient.

In this manner we can visualize in advance which treatments work best to restore the smile’s balance, be it by whitening, reshaping the gum, changing the shape or color of teeth, or by using dental implants, porcelain veneer or other cosmetic restorations.

Photos of before and after cosmetic treatments were removed from the site for privacy reasons. We have at our clinic several examples which can be viewed by our clients.

Verificar a sintaxe do original: É feito um estudo do sorriso de cada paciente por fotografias, moldes e medidas que permitem um detalhado em computador para verificar qual a necessidade estética de cada paciente.