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Metal-free Prostheses

A fixed prosthesis is a single unit that completely restores a series of teeth to their original shape and color. It is cemented onto natural teeth that have been more seriously compromised or when there is a missing tooth. In this case, two neighboring teeth are used as pillars to anchor the prosthesis at both ends, with a suspended tooth attached in the middle to cover the gap. The development of new ultra-strong dental ceramics now allows the creation of highly durable prosthetic segments made of porcelain only.
The traditional treatment method calls for a metal and porcelain prosthesis, made of a porcelain outer surface bonded to a strong metal core. It costs less than the all-porcelain unit but it is known that, over time, there is a chance the gum will recede and expose the metal rim, compromising the cosmetic value of the treatment. All-Porcelain Fixed Prostheses are very durable and strong but there may be a need to replace them after some years. This will be evaluated by the dentist during your routine check-ups.


Prótese Sem Metal

Alternatively, dental implants can be used instead of fixed porcelain prostheses. The use of dental implants is usually better than conventional prostheses. Please read about Dental Implants.

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