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Porcelain Crowns

Metal-free or All-Porcelain Crowns (Caps) are used to completely restore a tooth to its natural shape and color. They are cemented onto natural teeth that show severe compromise.

Much like veneers, they allow a total reformulation of the smile aesthetics in more extensive treatments but can also be used on a single tooth. Crowns protect and strengthen extensively damaged teeth which have undergone a root canal treatment and which cannot be restored with composite resin or amalgam. Indeed one of their main functions is to strengthen the tooth so that its chewing function can be restored.

Made entirely of porcelain, all-porcelain crowns are especially indicated where cosmetic considerations are paramount, such as in front teeth. They are very strong and durable but there may be a need to replace them after a number of years. This will be evaluated by the dentist during your routine check-ups.

Photos of before and after cosmetic treatments were removed from the site for privacy reasons. We have at our clinic several examples which can be viewed by our clients.

Treatment sequence for an all-PORCELAIN crown:

Coroa cerâmica

Prior to Procedure: Patient has a damaged tooth that needs a crown.

Coroa cerâmica

The original tooth is prepared with minor filing. At this stage a temporary crown is made.

Coroa cerâmica

Installation of a temporary crown. After 7 to 10 days a new, permanent, crown is installed.

Coroa cerâmica

Final result: The new tooth perfectly resembles the rest.

Metal and Porcelain Crowns

An alternative to the All-Porcelain Crown is the Metal and Porcelain Crown. This prosthesis comprises a porcelain outer surface bonded to a strong metal core. It costs less than the all-porcelain crown but it is known that, over time, there is a chance the gum will recede and expose the metal rim, compromising the cosmetic value of the treatment.

Coroa metalocerâmica


Coroas de porcelana