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Dental Bleaching

The search for an even whiter smile becomes more popular with each passing day. Dental Bleaching or Tooth Whitening is a non invasive solution that whitens the tooth surface, an excellent way to obtain a more attractive smile.

There are two basic ways to bleach teeth, one at the dental clinic and one at home, with similar results:


This is also known as laser bleaching. It utilizes a high potency bleaching gel, making it possible to bleach one or more teeth in a single session of 45 to 60 minutes. It is ideal for those who have little time to spare and demand quick results, or perhaps are not confident to do the treatment at home.

Photos of before and after cosmetic treatments were removed from the site for privacy reasons. We have at our clinic several examples which can be viewed by our clients.

At HOME Bleaching – WITH Bleaching Gel AND GUARD TRAY

In this method a mold (an impression) of your teeth is made prior to treatment and a personal silicone guard tray is made. A low concentration bleaching agent is placed in the guard tray, which is applied daily prior to bed time. The treatment can take from 15 to 30 days.

Dr. Roberto Markarian conducted a research that showed that dental bleaching does not harm tooth enamel¹, thus being a treatment indicated especially for teeth that have grown yellow as a result of bad eating habits, medication, smoke or age. Its effectiveness varies from person to person and depends also on the type of stain and the strength of the bleaching gel employed.

Dental bleaching is not permanent and needs to be retouched from time to time, as determined by your eating habits, especially with respect to foods that have coloring such as coffee, tea, sodas and wines. In some cases temporary sensitivity may result.

¹ Dental Bleaching: Trace element concentration in enamel using a particle accelerator. FRANCCI C, MARKARIAN RA, SPADA AE, NAKAMA R, MORI M, ADDED N, RIZZUTTO MA. International Academy of Dental Research, Honolulu, Hawaii - CD-ROM OF Abstracts, 2004.