Consulta e Prevenção

Routine dental check-ups are more important and complex than it seems. Many disease symptoms can be observed in the mouth and a thorough dental consultation will include a detailed examination of:

  • Physical health: There will be a screening of your physical health to check for factors that may interfere with your dental care or medication.
  • X-Rays: These are essential for the detection of cavities, periodontal disease, tumors, cysts and bone loss.
  • Prevention of Oral Cancer: face, neck, tongue, lips, throat and gums will be checked for any sign of oral cancer and other lesions.
  • Prevention of Gum Disease (Gingivitis): The gums and bone around the teeth will be evaluated for any signs of periodontal disease.
  • Cavity check: All tooth surfaces will be checked with special instruments.
  • Check of Previous Treatments: Restorations, crowns (caps) and prostheses will be checked for any problems.